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About Oslo New University College

Nestled in the heart of vibrant Oslo, you will find Oslo New University College with its welcoming atmosphere. With a diverse student body of more than 3,200, including a significant number of online learners, you are at the gateway to an enriching educational experience.

Research and Teaching at Oslo New University College  

The college has four departments: 

Department of Psychology
Department of Political Science and International Relations
Department of Health Sciences 
Department of Business and Administration

Our dedicated faculty conducts research in various fields, from medicine to psychology, peace and conflict studies, and international relations. We focus on two main areas: health sciences and social sciences. 

In health sciences, we cover topics like medicine, biology, nutrition, anatomy, physiology, and even tropical medicine. In social sciences, you can study psychology, peace and conflict studies, international studies, political science, marketing, and economics. These fields provide an academic journey for both students and scholars to discover their intellectual passions. 

Discover your path through our engaging courses

For international students seeking an exciting semester abroad, we offer courses taught in English during the fall semester. Additionally, we present a specialized course in Tropical Medicine, tailored for qualified doctors and nurses. 

Explore our Course Catalogue to gain insights into the courses that are taught in English each year.

Training, short courses and innovative digital solutions 

We provide an array of training and educational opportunities across a broad spectrum of expertise. These offerings range from single lectures to comprehensive, in-depth courses spanning several weeks. Department of Business Administration offers courses in digital transformation management and digital technologies. 

Our commitment to modern teaching techniques and communication technologies ensures an interactive learning experience. In some instances, our programs may include visits to pertinent institutions, providing valuable hands-on experiences.

Get to know our staff 

With access to our distant learning platform, Qybele, we are well-equipped to tailor courses to clients in diverse geographic locations. Oslo New University College is a pioneer in the development of flexible and online studies in Norway.  

Our strong values defines us 

Oslo New University College's culture is guided by the following values: 

Proximity: We maintain a close connection between students, staff, and the workplace, ensuring a culture of quality and trust. 

Quality: We continuously work to uphold and enhance the high quality and relevance of our programs. 

Innovation: We foster a collaborative culture with active dialogue between students, staff, and the wider community. Our development and improvements are based on the principle of student participation and ongoing collaboration between students and staff in both formal and informal settings. 

Join us at Oslo New University College, where curiosity, learning, and discovery come together in a vibrant academic community. 

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