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Department of Health Sciences

The Department of Health Sciences offers meaningful educations where working with people, preventing and treating diseases and injuries, and promoting good health are central. We provide education in medicine, physiotherapy, and nutrition at various levels and durations, and we conduct research on key topics within these fields.

Collaborating institutions in Europe

The Department of Health Sciences has about 20 employees with backgrounds in various health sciences and varied experience in clinic, teaching, and research.

Approximately 500 students are affiliated with the department, either as online students or on-campus students. Each year, we send over 150 students to collaborating institutions in Hungary, the Netherlands, England, and Wales to continue their education in medicine, physiotherapy, and chiropractic.

We have a long tradition of this and maintain close cooperation with the relevant universities to offer sought-after education combining studies in Oslo and abroad.

Basic medical science and studies in Nutrition 

As either an introduction to medical subjects or as a pre-study for a Master's in Chiropractic, we offer basic medical science. Here, we teach anatomy, physiology, and pathology and familiarize students with the healthy and sick body.

We educate Bachelor candidates in nutrition,as well as half-year units which provided a brief introduction or additional expertise. We are committed to promoting the need for nutrition competence in society, and our graduates play important roles in general preventive nutrition work.

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