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Research Groups at Oslo New University College

At Oslo New University College, we recognize the importance of a varied and interdisciplinary approach to research. Therefore, we have established several research groups dedicated to a specific major field.

The research groups represent both scientific competence and experience at ONH, but also include researchers from other institutions, both in Norway and internationally. Many of the group members have extensive experience with research-oriented work, while others are in the early stages of their research careers, or are students in an educational program with a focus on research. With a mix of experienced researchers and those new to the field, we promote an inclusive environment where knowledge transfer occurs naturally, and where all contributions are valuable.

The main goal of our research groups is to strengthen collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovation. In a field like psychology, where the challenges are diverse and often interdisciplinary, a collective approach is important to ensure thorough exploration and understanding, while daring to think big and new.

Department of Psychology

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