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Why choose ONUC?

At ONUC, we take pride in our small and intimate academic setting that encourages interaction between students and faculty.

Norway's most satisfied students

The annual national survey, Studiebarometeret, conducted by NOKUT, shows that Oslo New College is the broad-based college with the most satisfied students. The students are satisfied with the learning environment, their lecturers and the inclusive community.

Kara, an exchange student at ONH, encountered an inclusive environment when she began her semester:

– The classes themselves were really interesting, and I did not initially know how many of the faculty members are truly top in their field of work, which provided a really unique experience.
Kara Barkman, exchange student Peace & Conflict studies from Pacific Lutheran University (PLU), USA. 

Smaller classes, proximity to lecturers, and good follow-up

Oslo New College has a warm, social, and open environment, and in many of the studies, the classes are relatively small. Martha Spiker, was an exchange student and found the education at ONH exciting: 

– The professors are experts in their own fields, yet still effectively communicate their passions in small, diverse classroom environments. This is the mark of a truly excellent education.

I’m thrilled to be an Oslo New University College exchange student, and cannot recommend the school highly enough.
Martha Spieker, exchange student Peace & Conflict studies from Pacific Lutheran University (PLU), USA. 

to jenter som ler

A social and engaging student environment

There are many things you can get involved in outside of academics. Get involved through student democracy or join a club; perhaps the buddy board, social committee, or the student association related to your field of study is right for you?

Range of student activities 

Various activities are organized throughout the year on campus and digitally; including training, yoga, Wednesday coffee, mid-time talks, board game nights, and football and volleyball cups, to name a few.

One thing that is for certain, if you come to Oslo New University College for your semester abroad you will make friendships and memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.
Renate Lorentzen, Norwegian student and "buddy" (welcoming committee for international students) at Oslo New University College.

Innovative online tools 

We use the learning platform Qybele, and as a student, you get access to a range of digital learning materials, such as video lectures, exercise tasks, audio files, and academic texts. Inside Qybele, you can also form study groups and communicate with fellow students

A warm welcome from our esteemed professors: 

Professor Henrik Syse, says Oslo New University College provides international students with a stimulating learning environment and the opportunity for in-depth study of some of the most important topics within peace and conflict studies today. Including political, institutional, and ethical questions.

For me, it's a great privilege to teach at a college so committed to excellence and to taking care of its students.
Professor Henrik Syse. 

His collegue, Hilde Restad agrees: – Our college is extraordinary – students and professors discussing everything from the Nobel Peace Prize to world history together on our charming little campus in the heart of Oslo. We have renowned lecturers, lively seminars, fun events, and intense discussions.

My colleagues and I love teaching at Oslo New University College, and I think our students can tell!
Dr. Hilde E. Restad.  

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