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What the Students Say

Learn about the experiences from the students who already have spent a semester abroad in Oslo.

Martha Spieker

Martha Spieker, exchange student Peace & Conflict studies from Pacific Lutheran University (PLU), USA:

– Oslo New University College (ONUC) has unparalleled resources to its students, both exchange and otherwise. In addition to the benefit of its location in one of the most internationally engaged cities in the world, ONUC has top-tier faculty.

– The professors are experts in their own fields, yet still effectively communicate their passions in small, diverse classroom environments. This is the mark of a truly excellent education.

I’m thrilled to be an Oslo New University College exchange student, and cannot recommend the school highly enough.


Kara Barkman

Kara Barkman, exchange student Peace & Conflict studies from Pacific Lutheran University (PLU), USA:

– As someone who studies international relations, I always had an interest in at least visiting Norway. So, when the opportunity to live in Oslo for a semester studying international relations, and peace and conflict studies arose, I knew I would be crazy to pass it up.

Arriving in Oslo, the students and staff at Oslo New University College were incredibly welcoming. I really appreciated being constantly invited to events with other students, and truly feeling like I was a member of the student body. Along with that, I found the class structure to be a challenge since it was so different from what I was used to in the United States, but it was a good challenge, as it allowed me extra time to continue to explore Oslo, Norway, and other European countries.

– The classes themselves were really interesting, and I did not initially know how many of the faculty members are truly top in their field of work, which provided a really unique experience. I was also used to studying U.S. foreign policy and politics, so being able to spend time learning about European politics, wars, and migration issues was extremely eye-opening for me.

Overall, I am so grateful for the welcoming and inclusive learning environment that I found at ONUC, and for the experience of being able to challenge my own identity, political opinions, and ways that I have been looking at the world in a biased way.


Renate Lorentzen

Renate Lorentzen, Norwegian student and "buddy" (welcoming committee for international students) at Oslo New University College:

Being there to welcome our exchange students was a great experience. I, alongside other buddies, were there to help them settle into their new life for the semester. I hope this gave them a positive and easy start to their Oslo experience.

– I know that classes at other schools usually are a larger than the ones we have, but experiencing a smaller class is a wonderful thing, because you truly have the chance to be heard and seen, and it allows you to be an active participant in your education.

– And even though I chose ONUC because of exactly this, having the class become bigger and getting fresh outside perspective from our new friends, was something we all value very much.

– I think that if you are coming from a big school where there are many students, you will greatly appreciate the connections you can make, both academically, and socially. If you come for a semester, you will most likely know everyone in your class, both students and professors, by their first name, and you will often meet them for social gatherings.

One thing that is for certain, if you come to Oslo New University College for your semester abroad you will make friendships and memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.


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