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Nik. Brandal (English employee profile)

Associate Professor

Nikolai Brandal

Nik. has been at Oslo Nye University College since January 2017. Prior to joining Oslo Nye, Nik was a PhD-scholar at the University of Oslo, and his fields of expertise include extremism and political radicalization in the 20th century, social democracy and the Nordic Model.

Nik. holds a MA in History from University of Oslo and a BA in Educational Studies from Volda University College. In 2010 he was a Leiv Eiriksen-scholar at the Genocide Studies Program at Yale University/Norwegian Research Council. He has previously worked as a coordinator for the Forum for Contemporary History (FOSAM) (2007-2008) and coordinator for Network for the Study of Totalitarianism and Democracy (NEST), University of Oslo (2008-2017) at the University of Oslo.

Nik has published widely and his current research projects includes; Nordic democracies and political extremism 1917-2017; Intelligence and counterintelligence in Norway 1914-18; The radicalization of the student Left in the US and West Germany 1960-1970; Social Democracy in the 21st century.