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ØKAD3110 Ethics, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (15 sp)

In this course, the student gets an introduction to a range of important ethical issues and learns to reflect over the responsibility companies have towards the wider society in which they operate.

Om emnet:

Dette emnet undervises på engelsk og beskrives derfor på engelsk.

The student is given tools and concepts and is enabled to reflect on ethical and moral dilemmas based on economic activity and its consequences.

The student also acquires knowledge about the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and learns how to integrate these into companies' plans and management practices.

After completing this course, the student is expected to have acquired the following learning outcomes:


  • has knowledge of the history of ethics and basic tools for analyzing ethical dilemmas
  • has insight into the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and how these can be integrated into a company's plans and management
  • has knowledge of how organizations demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


  • can apply professional knowledge to reflect on issues related to ethics, sustainability and social responsibility, both in an academic and professional context
  • can master tools and forms of expression within the subject of ethics, as well as topics related to sustainability and social responsibility
  • can reflect on the consequences of one's own professional practice in the fields of management and leadership


  • has insight into relevant professional and ethical issues
  • can use professional knowledge in ethics to help develop good practice and norms
  • can plan and carry out assessments of issues related to ethics, sustainability and social responsibility in a project setting
  • has insight into ethical issues that propagate nationally and internationally


The requirement must be passed in accordance to given deadline in order to register for the exams.

  • written submission of the stated problem with fellow student assessment
  • obligatory participation in lectures


Individual written assignment over 48 hours of 3,000 words (+/- 10%) in accordance with stated formal requirements and template for reference.

The exam content is the learning outcomes.

The exam is censored and given an overall grade, A - F.