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The antecedents and consequences of brand personality: a systematic review

Publisert i Forskningspublikasjoner Mandag 18. oktober, 2021 - 15:56 | sist oppdatert Mandag 28. februar, 2022 - 17:15

Forskere: Muhammad Rashid Saeed, Umar Burki, Raza Ali, R. Dahlstrom, Hashim Zameer.


The topic of brand personality (BP) has received extensive research attention in the last 2 decades, with a particular focus on examining its antecedents and consequences. This study, therefore, systematically reviews and synthesizes extant research on antecedents and consequences of BP of consumer products.

A systematic review approach is used to identify and analyze relevant studies from five major databases and a search engine. This review identified 62 articles from 43 journals published during 1997–2018. The relevant literature germane to the research objectives is extracted from these articles.

This study identifies and classifies antecedents and consequences of BP of consumer products, along with key mediators and moderators underlying these relationships. Additionally, the study reveals pertinent characteristics of BP literature, including conceptualizations, measurements, methods, theories and research settings. Finally, this study develops an integrative conceptual model and presents avenues for future research.

Practical implications
This study provides insight to practitioners that create and develop brand personalities. The study would inform managers concerning the outcomes of BP.

To the best knowledge of the authors, this is the first systematic review that synthesizes existing empirical research on antecedents and consequences of BP of consumer products.

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“The Antecedents and Consequences of Brand Personality: A Systematic Review", EuroMed Journal of Business. Av Saeed, R., Burki, U., Ali, R., Dahlstrom, R. and Hashim Z. (2021).

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