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Call for Research Papers: Together for Peace (T4P) Research on Positive Peace Learning Outcome Assessment

ONH’s Department of Political Science and International Relations has been partnering over the past year with UNESCO Asia Pacific Region on a multi-partner research program called "Together for Peace" – T4P.

Publisert i Forskningsaktuelt Fredag 14. oktober, 2022 - 09:00 | sist oppdatert Fredag 14. oktober, 2022 - 09:13

Led by led by UNESCO’s Regional Office in Bangkok, the T4P initiative is a collaboration with Japan’s MFA and Thailand’s Ministry of Education, and aims to help build ‘positive peace’ in the region. Positive Peace is a term developed by Norwegian sociologist Johan Galtung, founder and first director of Oslo-based Peace Research Institute. T4P encourages Member States to develop and strengthen a culture of justice and equity, collaboration and community engagement, effective governance and sustainability.

Led by Torstein Dale-Åkerlund, Bjørnar Østby and Scott Jones, ONH has helped UNESCO to develop a “Call for Research” on Peace Education. Our three main goals now are to continue working with UN and regional colleagues to help with education and research aspects of T4P; strengthen our partnerships in the Asia-Pacific region; and contribute to a compendium of research evidence on positive peace education that UNESCO’s Asia Pacific Regional Bureau for Education will publish. This compendium will aim to contribute to a wider policy dialogue on peace education in Asia-Pacific.

An interim research synthesis will be discussed at the Network for Education and Research on Peace and Sustainability Conference, in Bangkok in March 2023, co-organised by Hiroshima University and the Asian Institute of Technology. The launch of the Compendium is planned by UNESCO Bangkok for the week of 21 September 2023 – the International Day of Peace.