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Sabirin, student ved Oslo Nye Høyskole (Foto: Privat)

Sabirin, internasjonale studier

Sabirin (21) studerer internasjonale studier og har et internship i Flyktninghjelpen. I dette portrettet forteller hun om sin erfaring med hvordan det er å ha internship, og hvordan hun synes det er å studere på Oslo Nye Høyskole.

Publisert i Studenthistorier Torsdag 4. november, 2021 - 13:28 | sist oppdatert Tirsdag 22. mars, 2022 - 16:26

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My name is Sabirin Yarow. I am a 21-year-old student at Oslo New University College. I study international studies

Hvordan synes du det er å studere på Oslo Nye Høyskole?
I think it is amazing and even though I started in the middle of a pandemic, the faculty tried their best to make my university experience incredible.  

Hvorfor har du valgt å ta internship?
I choose to do an internship this semester because I want the experience, I want to know what I can do with my degree after I am done and if working for a humanitarian organization is something that I actually want to do. I think it is a great opportunity that we get the chance to apply for internship this early in our studies. I am only a second-year student and most of the people that I am doing my internship are already doing their masters. This was a little bit intimidating at first but I am proud that my course here at Oslo New University College gave the opportunity to apply for an internship this early in my studies.  

Sabirine på kontoret

Sabirin på kontoret til Flyktninghjelpen (Foto: Privat)

Fortell litt om internshipet ditt, hva skal du gjøre?
I am an intern at the Norwegian Refugee Council. It is one of the most respected humanitarian organization that helps people who have fled their countries or are displaced within their countries due to conflict or natural disasters. I am working with the institutional partnership section. My main job is to provide administrative support to ongoing framework agreement processes and support on the consolidation and formatting of the Annual Programmatic Proposal to partners and currently I am mainly helping the Afghanistan support group. 

Hva håper du å få ut av internshipet?
I want to understand in depth how humanitarian organizations work outside of textbooks. I also simply want to know if working for a humanitarian organization means you are helping people in need or not.

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