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DML2130 User Interface Design (7,5 sp)

The course focuses on methods and strategies for the interaction design process.

Om emnet:

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The course presents research in the domains of graphic design, marketing, consumer psychology, human computer interaction, and project management to provide students with a holistic perspective on design principles for user-friendly and engaging interfaces in mobile and desktop environments.

The course provides students with a sound theoretical introduction into interface design as well as provides opportunities for development of practical skills required for prototyping of the design of user interfaces.

After completing this course, the student is expected to have acquired the following learning outcomes:


  • has basic knowledge of the concepts of “interaction design process” and “ideation” 
  • has understanding of how interface design affects customer engagement
  • has knowledge of methods to ensure the design of engaging, high-quality user interfaces 
  • has knowledge of user centered methods that are often used to deliver user-friendly products
  • has basic knowledge of low-level prototyping, primarily in relation to web development
  • has basic knowledge about ease of use and different methods of evaluation and testing


  • has practical experience in interactive, user-centered design of graphical user interfaces, especially small screens and mobile information and communication technology (ICT)
  • is capable of developing low-level prototypes
  • can conduct usability testing, as well as complete simple UI-analysis


  • can carry out user-centered design, develop and implement a usability test
  • understands basic interaction design principles and the process related to development of web solutions
  • can participate in the ideation and supervision processes of developing high-quality web solutions


The requirement must be passed in accordance to given deadline in order to register for the exams.

  • No requirements


The exam in this course consists of an individual written assignment over 3 weeks of 3,000 words (+/- 10%) in accordance with the stated formal requirements and template for reference.

The exam is censored and given a grade, A - F.