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Organisational psychology, leadership and HRM

The research group "Organisational psychology, leadership and HRM" consists of a dedicated group of researchers and budding researchers who focus on topics relating to people at work.

Our researchers cover a wide range of topics which include, among other things, work and well-being, leadership, organisational change, organisational socialisation and on-boarding, workplace relationships, coaching and elite performance, evidence-based management, whistleblowing, bullying and harassment. The group's members have diverse research and practice experience and carry out studies using both qualitative and quantitative research methods. The members of the group have connections internally at ONH, in addition to external institutions such as the University of Oslo, BI, Norwegian Police University College

The changing nature of contemporary workplaces and factors that support the development of sustainable workplaces are a central focus for the group.

Alexandra Beauregard

Alexandra Beauregard is Professor of Organizational Psychology at Oslo New University College and Birkbeck, University of London, where she is programme director for the Professional Doctorate in Occupational Psychology and chair of the Diversity Research Group. Her research interests are centred on the work–life interface, flexible working arrangements and workforce diversity, equality and inclusion with a particular focus on gender and gender identity. She has a longstanding interest in how and why individuals enact and manage boundaries between role domains, and her recent work employs an intersectional lens to contextualise experiences of boundary management and the work-life interface among diverse groups of workers. She has published widely on these topics in academic journals and practitioner outlets, as well as authoring chapters in a number of edited scholarly books and teaching-oriented texts.

Johan Bergh

Associate professor Johan Bergh’s fields of research are within leadership and organizational learning. His research includes how trust may manifests itself in and between individuals, and in and between organisations. He also conducts research on how interaction and learning may affect leaders and organisations. Johan is Commander Senior Grade (Ret.) and has previously held the position as head of department of Military Leadership at the Norwegian Command and Staff College.

Brita Bjørkelo

Brita is a clinical psychologist, has a PhD in work and organizational psychology and works as a professor (policing, organizational psychology) at ONH and the Norwegian Police University College. She works on projects related to police leadership, psychosocial work environment and organization, and has an international profile for her work on whistleblowing and bullying and harassment.

John Blenkinsopp

John is Professor of Organisational Psychology, and leads the Organisational psychology, leadership & HRM research group within ONH. His research interests include whistleblowing and voice, the future of work, and well-being at work. Current projects include stress and burnout among cabin crew, psychological recovery and entrepreneurs, and resilience and mental health at work among younger workers, as well as collaboration with the charity Parrhesia on how whistleblowing research can influence policy and practice. 

Rob Briner

Rob Briner is Professor of Organizational Psychology at Oslo New University College and Queen Mary College, University of London. He conducts research into several areas of organizational psychology and HR such as work and well-being, the psychological contract, work-nonwork relationships and ethnicity. In addition, he is very active in developing evidence-based practice in management, HR and organizational psychology.

Anniken Grønstad

Anniken is an Associate Professor at Oslo New University College and is the program manager for the bachelor in HR, management and organisational psychology and the bachelor in organisational psychology. She obtained her PhD from the University of Oslo and her research revolves around HR, leadership, organisational change, employee health and well-being, sexual harassment, whistleblowing, and work environment. In addition, she has wide experience with developing new study programs and teaches courses within HR and management. Besides research, teaching, and program management, she also disseminates her research and has written posts and articles for LSE Business Review and World Economic Forum.

Ingvild Sagberg

Ingvild's field is within organizational psychology, and her main research interest is in the psychological experience of being new to an organization and/or an organizational role. This includes the organizational socialization and onboarding of new employees or employees in new roles (for instance as leaders), and graduates entering professional work for the first time. 

Other areas of interest: organizational culture and work environment; team climate and development; leadership and management theory; qualitative approaches to research in organizations and management.

Linda Mari Seem Sundvik

Linda is an assistant professor for psychology students at Oslo New College. Linda has a master's degree in work and organizational psychology from the University of Worcester in England. Previously, she worked as a counsellor at the Norwegian welfare system (NAV), assisting individuals who were out of work due to illness. 

Linda has previously published research into social media stress and coping in students. Topics of interest include the future of work, as well as workplace stress, resilience, the psychosocial work environment, and wellbeing. She is especially interested in how technology at work affects wellbeing at the workplace, and what individual differences influences this relationship. 

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