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Societal Psychology

Societal psychology works from the premise that persons, cultures and societies are mutually constitutive. This means that people inhabit and interact with multiple perspectives in everyday life and that language, communication, power and ideology as they occur in human activity are central focal points for our research.

The societal psychology research group includes researchers from ONH and Nordic higher education institutions who share common interests in studying how human beings experience and interact with others in their social and cultural worlds. Our publications and interests encompass a wide range of fields within psychology and we are inspired by constructivist, dialogical, and critical perspectives.

Our researchers investigate a broad range of topics which include well-being and health, the environment, nature and climate change, the covid-19 pandemic, collective memory, social identities, communication and procedural justice. Our members tend to be pragmatic regarding research methods and have a strong interest in both qualitative and mixed methods. Recent group activities include digital meetings in which members as well as invited guests have presented on the social psychology of world-making, the covid-19 pandemic, artificial intelligence, communicative generalization and perspective-integrating. 

Joshua Phelps and Erik Carlquist  


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